Quick Guide To Remove Line Twist

While spinning for trout line twist is an annoyance that causes tangles, knots, and even break-offs. While prevention is better than cure, mistakes happen and lines become twisted. In this guide, I will discuss ways to remove line twists.

Once the line twist is removed, it is important to keep the line twist free. The main causes of line twists include.

  • Not using a swivel when fishing a rotating spinning lure.
  • Using the wrong type or size of swivel.
  • Having a seized line roller.
  • Spooling a reel with the line not under tension

Remove line twist by trolling it behind a boat

If you own a boat, kayak, or any watercraft, one of the easiest ways to remove line twist is by towing it behind the boat.

  • Travel somewhere quiet and obstruction free. It is important to avoid crossing paths with other water users while using this technique.
  • Remove all terminal tackle, including hooks and lures from the line.
  • Open the spool and feed the line into the water.
  • Move the boat away at a slow speed (I use trolling speed). This should allow the line to slowly unwind.
  • Continue moving until all the twisted line is getting dragged behind the boat. I sometimes empty the entire spool.
  • Drag the line through the water for at least five minutes.
  • The weight of the line dragging through the water should cause the rod to bend slightly. The drag slowly stretches the line slowly eliminating any line twist.
  • Wait about five minutes before slowly winding the line back in relying on the water for tension.
  • Congratulations, you now have a twist free line to start fishing again.

How to remove line twist On land.

In a large open area, without any predestinarians or traffic. Tie the line to something solid (The bull bar of my truck works well).

Holding the rod and reel, slowly walk away un-spooling the line. Walk in a straight line, do not zig-zag or go around corners. If space allows, you can empty the entire spool but the first hundred yards or so should be sufficient for a trout reel.

Once enough line is out, apply the drag and gently pull the line straightening it out. Leave the line under tension for about five minutes. I prefer doing this on a hot day, I feel the line is more supple.

After five minutes, slowly start winding the line back in, maintaining tension the entire time. Some people recommend running the line through a damp towel at this stage but that requires a third hand.

Removing line twist Inside.

For this method, you need a second rod and reel with an empty spool. Feed the line through the guides of both rods and tie it onto the empty spool. Get a helper to hold one rod and reel and set a light drag.

Gently wind the line onto the new reel. Once the line has transferred over, reverse the procedure. This time apply slightly more drag and run the line through a dump cloth, I also like to weigh the cloth down between the pages of an old telephone book.

Maintain tension, and slowly wind the line back onto the reel. Reeling the line in too fast can cause heat friction damaging the line.

Alternatively, a de-spooling machine such as the Piscifun Speed X Fishing Line Spooler Machine with Unwinding Function can be used. Make sure that the Spooler machine can transfer line in both directions.

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