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Why Sunglasses are Essential When Trout Fishing

There are two main reasons to wear sunglasses when trout fishing. Firstly, they make seeing through the glare significantly easier, which assists greatly in spotting trout or likely lays. Even more importantly, they protect the eyes, not only from the sun’s rays but also from wayward flies, hooks, and twigs. For both reasons, sunglasses are … Read more

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What breaking strain tippet to fish?

When fly fishing, it is best to select tippet based on its diameter, not on its breaking strain. The best diameter is based on the size of the fly you plan on casting, not on the weight of the fish you hope to land. It is also worth noting, that the tippet diameter must be … Read more

Trying to fish into the wind
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Fly fishing into strong winds

When trying to fly fish I hate the wind, it roughs up the surface making spotting difficult, not to mention that the gusts can ruin an otherwise perfect cast. I learned to fly fish on one of the windiest trout rivers in the world, the daily averages wind-run is something like 155 mph (it is … Read more

Choosing the Perfect Fly Fishing Indicators: The Top 8 Picks
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Choosing the Perfect Fly Fishing Indicators: The Top 8 Picks

There is no one best strike indicator under all conditions. What works well on a spring creek, will likely struggle on a boisterous freestone river. In all honestly, I rarely fish indicators, but sometimes they are essential. A necessary evil. Some nymphs are simply too heavy to suspend under a dry fly hence the need … Read more

Can Trout Smell Sunscreen, and Insect Repellent?
Trout fishing advice

Can Trout Smell Sunscreen, and Insect Repellent?

When I was learning to fly fish, I was taught to keep sunscreen, insect repellent and other contaminants off my fly. The theory goes because trout have such an excellent sense of smell they can be discouraged by even the smallest hint of chemicals. Some people even believe sunscreens’ ability to reflect UV is visible … Read more

Does swimming scare trout?
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Can trout be caught when people are swimming nearby?

Is it worthwhile to go trout fishing when there are swimmers nearby? Over the hot summer months, swimmers and fishermen often want to enjoy the same water. Swimmers do scare trout and stop them from feeding. In most situations, it is not worth fishing a pool where someone is currently swimming. I love trout fishing … Read more

Do trout taste good?
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Are Trout Good to Eat? – Which Tastes the Best?

Trout is both a popular table fish, as well as a sports fish. Some anglers rate their recreational value over their table value so choose to practice catch and release. I personally, do not rate trout that highly for eating. I feel there are plenty of other fish which taste better, but over the years … Read more

Shallow water is an excellent place to catch trout
Trout fishing advice

Shallow water lake tactics for trout (Why, Where, When, and How)

Something about fishermen, we often seem to think the most likely place to find fish is in the deepest hole, or on the featureless bottom of a lake several hundred feet down. We know that fish live in water, so deeper water must be hiding bigger fish. Like most fly fishermen probably already know, this … Read more