Blue Fox Flash on the water review

Holding a Blue Fox Flash trout spinner in my hand. It seems to work well targeting trout holding in deep water.

Blue Fox Flash Spinner on the water test I can tell a lot about spinners based on the blade they are designed around. The Blue Fox Flash spinner features a willow leaf blade. In my books, this is not a positive when it comes to trout fishing because its strengths does not always outweigh its … Read more

Spinners vs Spoons – Which metal lure catches the most trout?

A large trout caught on a spoon, but are they better than spinners?

Spoons and spinners must be among the most popular hard body trout lures, and the reason is simple. They catch trout and they catch them consistently. I always consider it a good idea to have both types of lures when fishing because a trout’s preference can easily change hour from to hour, day to day. … Read more