Are Marble trout Brown trout?

Are marlbe trout brown trout

Marble trout are stunning-looking trout found naturally in the rivers and streams of Northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. They likely once existed as far south as Albania. In pristine waterways, they can grow to impressive sizes with fish over 50lb (22kg) not unheard of, but like many salmonidae species, their natural … Read more

Trout in the tropics

Trout love cold water. They are native to temperate to subarctic regions located within North America and Eurasia, but thanks to introductions, trout can now be found far out of their natural range. This includes at least four tropical countries. I want to preface this by saying, while trout are found in these countries, it … Read more

How many species of trout are there?

Two brown trout swimming in a river

The exact number of trout species is ambiguous and debated by taxonomists. Some conservative opinions consider the brown trout Salmo trutta to be the only true trout. While others are willing to identify, dozens if not hundreds of unique trout species In this article, I will explain why and will attempt to answer how many … Read more

Introducing the cherry trout (Masu salmon)

Masu salmon

This is a continuation of my series of articles covering some of the lesser known species of trout, and trout-like fish. This article is going to head back to East Asia to look at Oncorhynchus masou, a fish that seems to saddle the definition between a trout and salmons. What are they called? Cherry trout … Read more

Lake Ohrid brown trout – The most ancient brown and one of the biggest.

The next trout in my series of less common trout is the Lake Ohrid brown trout (Salmo Letnica) I find the Ohrid trout a fascinating, although endangered trout. They are endemic to the Lake Ohrid watershed located between North Macedonia and Albania. So what makes Lake Ohrid trout interesting? Well, they are among the largest … Read more

Meet the Manchurian Trout (Lenok)

I have decided to start a series covering some of the lesser known species of trout, and trout like Salmoninae’s. I am going to start by covering the Manchurian trout. The Manchurian trout (also known as Asiatic trout or Lenoks) is a Salmonid fish found in East Asia and Russia. There are currently four recognized … Read more