Which leader material is best when fishing braid?

Basically, it does not matter if you use monofilament or fluorocarbon as a leader. They all work and perform similarly. So if you already own some line of around 4 or 6lb it will be fine to use for trout fishing. To summarize the key differences quickly, Florourcabon is slightly more transparent while nylon/mono has … Read more

Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel Review: Is it a Stradic Killer?

Introduction The Abu Garcia Revo SX is a well-made and relatively lightweight spinning reel that delivers smooth performance, it is quite well suited for freshwater applications. While it may not reach the level of a Shimano Vanford or Stradic, it is a worthy alternative and can be a bargain when sold at a discount. Abu … Read more

Blue Fox Flash on the water review

Holding a Blue Fox Flash trout spinner in my hand. It seems to work well targeting trout holding in deep water.

Blue Fox Flash Spinner on the water test I can tell a lot about spinners based on the blade they are designed around. The Blue Fox Flash spinner features a willow leaf blade. In my books, this is not a positive when it comes to trout fishing because its strengths does not always outweigh its … Read more