Top 10 Streamers for trout fishing in Colorado

I am releasing a trout, I often wonder do they remember getting caught.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of stripping in streamers. The feeling of being intimately connected to the action is truly indescribable and there might be no better place for streamer fishing than the waterways of Colorado. As such, I have finally gotten around to sharing my favorite 10 streamer and fly lure recommendations for … Read more

What do trout eat during the winter? (and how to imitate them)

Trout fishing can be particularly challenging during the winter months. As temperatures drop and conditions change, trout behavior and feeding patterns shift. While many fishermen find winter to be a miserable time to fish, due to cold temperatures, frozen guides and sluggish trout. Well, they are missing out, because on warm winter days the fishing … Read more

How to get flies to sink? (9 ways)

When out try fishing, most of the trout we see are feeding close to the surface, maybe sipping down mayflies. Sometimes, they have laying in the shallows, drifting side to side intercepting any nymph that floats by. These trout that we see in shallow water are the exception rather than the rule. For most of … Read more

Spring creek nymph fishing tactics

Catching brook and brown trout in spring creeks

I learned to fish spring creeks in the early 2000s, and at that time I spent a lot of my time fishing alongside an elderly English ex-pat, and fly fishing purist. let’s call him Malcolm because that was his name. Malcolm was a fanatic spring creek fisherman, every time I drove by the parking lots … Read more