What color Powerbait is best for trout?

There is a massive range of different color Powerbaits. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which color to fish. This article will share my experiences and views which will hopefully make the decision on which bait to fish a bit easier. Which color Powerbait catches the most trout? There is no one … Read more

Best Lures and Baits for Catching Trout in California

What are the best lures for trout fishing in california

If you’re here, it’s because you’re eager to discover the most effective lures and baits for catching trout in California. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 14 tried-and-true options recommended by experienced anglers who know the California fishing scene inside out. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that trout in California face … Read more

5 Best Bait For Stocked Brown Trout?

The five best baits for catching stock Brown trout are Worms, Corn, Powerbait, Cricket, and Minnows. These can be split into two categories. Baits that resemble natural prey, and bait that resemble fish pellets. The longer a stock trout have been in the wild, the more their preference moves away from food that resembles pellets … Read more

5 Best Baits For Stocked Rainbow Trout

The five best baits for catching stock rainbow trout are Corn, Worms, Powerbait, Cricket, and Minnows. It is always a good idea to bring a selection of different baits to cover all possibilities. I recently asked around a group of trout fishermen based in the Southeast what their favorite bait for recently stocked Rainbow trout … Read more

How To Chum For Trout? (Does it work?)

Chumming is when you throw or dissolve ‘bait’ into the water to try and attract nearby fish into the area. In some parts of the world, it is also known as berleying Chumming works extremely well to attract fish such as eels and catfish that largely depend mostly on their sense of smell to find … Read more

When to replace fishing line? (and how to prolong its life)

In this guide, I will discuss how often fishing line needs to be replaced and will provide some tips and tricks to prolong, and sometimes double it’s useful life. It is important to replace your line to prevent break off’s and lost tackle. How often to replace fishing line? Occasional use Heavy use Heavy use … Read more