Corn makes good trout bait

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  1. This is a terrible article you never ever use corn as bait if it falls of the hook and another fish eats it, it kills them. Corn acts like popcorn in their stomach and explodes.

    1. Thanks for the comment. No, corn does not kill trout. That is an urban legend that seems to persist. While corn is far from a balanced diet for trout it is not going to kill them. Even chumming with corn is unlikely to harm them.

      Back in 1992 Thomas Bender Jr a fisheries biologist at the Benner Spring Research Station did a test where he fed 20 Rainbow trout a diet of whole corn kernel for 52 days straight. None of the trout died and they were able to partly digest and poo out the husks. They did put on significantly less weight than the control group but still appeared to be healthy.

      The plastic trout eggs and silicon worms some people fish are much worst because they are not biodegradable.

      Edit: Chumming with corn is sometimes banned because some fishermen use way too much and as it starts to decompose it affects the water quality. Chumming overwinter can be a big issue, because it does not start to decompose until spring.

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