Barometric pressure and trout fishing

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    1. It is complicated. I no longer check Solunar calendars because they are all too generalist to be useful. They could be right for species A but dead wrong for species B.

      I just glance at the moon phase, then go fishing anyway.

      Fish do respond to the moon, sun, and tides. But how they respond differs greatly based on species.

      For example, at night during a full moon many fish that hunt visually see better. So are more likely to feed when it is bright. Because they have been feeding at night, means they are more likely to rest during the day. It is all about knowing how the type of fish you are targeting responds to the moon.

      Rainbow trout are predominantly visual hunters, brown trout predominantly sense their prey via vibrations. Brown trout are happy feeding in the dark. So they are less affected by the moon.

      Rainbow trout, need some light to hunt. During the full moon, they can feed all night. That in turn can make them less active during the day. The opposite applies to the new moon.

      (Too further complicated matters, in some fisheries trout, are prey. So on a full moon, they might be hiding all night because the Bass, Pike or whatever have been harassing them. In such situations they might be pressured to feed during the day when they feel a bit safer)

      This is further complicated because some bait fish do time their spawning runs with the moon (or king tide if the area is tidal). This in turn can make the larger, more predatory fish more active. Same with insects, some insect’s hatch coincides with the phrase of the moon.

      It is all interconnected and much too species and site specific to ‘summarize’ in a simple calendar.

  1. Thanks for putting fact to fiction and sharing your knowledge.

    I fish with a friend who swears by pressure and lunar changes for optimum fishing. All the times we’ve had better than usual success outside of his “tables” I’ve asked him, “Why?”. He never has an answer.

    Fish have three things on their mind. Food, reproduction and a secure comfortable spot to do both. Follow those patterns and you’ll do well.

    I’m sending him a link to your article so he will have an answer the next time I ask. Lol

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