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  1. Not liking the corn as bait ! Fish in upstate NY and some of the so called fishermen use corn as chum to get the fish actively feeding! DEC frowns on this as we have been told the trout can not digest the corn and it kills them.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      While I personally do not like chumming. It does not kill trout directly, the issue is that people chum too much in ponds and streams that lack the ‘currents’ to clean themselves. The corn then starts to decompose and it causes water quality issues that can increase the chance of algae bloom, which further reduces oxygen (and potentially produces toxins) that can increase fish mortality. This is the main reason chumming with corn (and other baits) get banned. Plus it is basically littering.

      Eating corn does not kill trout, they do not grow on it particularly well but it is not lethal. The link below leads to a .PDF file of an old copy of the Pennesyavlia Fish & Boating Commosion magazine. On page 7 the Commission provided the results of a study where hatchery rainbow trout were fed a diet of only corn kernels for 54 days. None died, but their growth did suffer compared with the control group feeding on pellets.

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