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    1. Weakfish belong to the drum family of fish (Sciaenidae) so a warm water group. While trout/salmon/char are part of the Salmonidae family.

      So while some people call weakfish seatrout or grey trout, they are technically a drum or croaker.

  1. Here’s some additional info on Marble – the biggest marbles were caught in the Neretva river in Bosnia and Herzegovina, many above 20kg. In angling society in town of Konjic there is still trophy on the wall, a stuffed marble that was 24,5 kg.

    1. The heaviest authenticated Taimen I know about weighed 123 lb (55.8 kg) and was caught in a commercial net. There are ‘legends’ of much larger ones over 200lb, but I am not aware of any evidence to back it up.
      So the heaviest one is just slightly smaller than the heaviest Chinook salmon.

      Despite being a Salmonidae they are quite distantly related from the other trout/salmon in the family.

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