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  1. Ice fishing here in Newfoundland, i can catch a trout, it freezes amoust instantly. I bring them home and put them in a sink full of cool water. Within a few minutes the trout comes back to life and swims around the sink. This has happened to me almost every winter. Amazing..

    1. That is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing. I wonder in the extreme cold that the ‘surface’ moisture freezes so fast that it forms a protective layer around the fish. So the ice is acting as an insulating layer protecting the internal moisture from feezing. Because the trout is cold blooded their metabolism slows right down and they enter a state of suspended animation.

      I know in vineyards and orchards for frost control, they sometimes spray water over new growth, and the mist freezes covering the shoot in ice which insulates it at 0c. This layer of 0c ice then protects the delicate new growth from the much colder air temperature preventing damage.

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