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  1. I’ve been raising rainbow trout for 40 years and know that it’s extremely difficult to raise them in aquariums. You’ve hit on the many challenges. One more will be them bumping the glass, causing nose fungus. Another is the females, after maturity need to be milked of the eggs each spring. Barring mistakes, they can live 10 or 12 years. Good luck to all that attempt this. Brian henderson

    1. Thanks for the contribution, interesting to hear how the female rainbows need to be milked as spawning approaches. I have also heard of people trying to trigger trout to spawn naturally in aquariums by lowing the water temperature. The most common outcome is an inflated electricity bill.

      1. Can’t see that as possible. Milking her is easy and if you have a buck can mix the two, keep eggs in a tray with moving water and in a month, presto, alvins. Another month, fry which you feed ground feed. Have so many that you have to give away…

    1. I have heard there is a ballpark quote of between $9-12 per gallon for extremely large display aquariums. According to Google, the Cabelas ones are between 10,000 and 25,000 gallons. So maybe in the ballpark of $90,000-$300,000, then there are the monthly running expenses on top of that.

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