10 of the most visually stunning trout fishing locations

Trout fishing is great for the challenge and excitement it offers. It is made better still because trout often choose to live in some of the most picturesque locations on this planet.

This article is my opinion of the 10 most visually stunning locations that offers equally impressive trout fishing.

10) Scottish Highlands

Loch Lomond, waking beside Scottish burn, Scottish rivers

When thinking of stunning locations, I do not think many people, other than maybe the British will consider anywhere in the United Kingdom. I have to disagree, Britain with its lush rolling hills can actually be quite breathtaking on a warm summer day.

The Scottish highlands, as the drizzle clears is actually very picturesque and in my opinion, offers some of the best vistas on the island. Why is it not higher on the list? Well, the weather is crap and while all that rain might keep the rivers and streams fresh it ruins the ambiance. Plus midges exist, there is apparently over 180,000 trillion of them just waiting to bite us.

What is the fishing like? Well, there are some world-famous Atlantic salmon rivers such as the River Dee, the highlands are also home to Loch Leven which is the source of many of the trout released into the New World. The trout in the burns and rivers are typically smaller browns, but the lochs do hold some larger fish especially when the sea trout are about.


Icelandic horses, and lake Thingvallavatn

The weather-ravaged rivers and lakes of Iceland are certainly on the list of destinations for many globe-trotting fly fishermen. Not only is there excellent fishing for large brown trout. The scenery is also breathtaking.

The clash between fire and ice, volcano and glaicer. Has to make the wind swept, semi-arid island nation such a breathtaking destination. The landscape almost seems extraterrestrial in places. Although, a bit like Scotland, Iceland also has a midge problem.

Iceland’s fishing season ranges from April to late October, where it is possible to catch Brown trout, Sea runs brown trout and arctic char.

8) KwaZulu-Natal  (South Africa)

KwaZulu-Natal is known for its excellent brown trout fishing and the trout streams are only a few hour’s drive from Durban

Ever meet a South African on a trout river? chances are they tell you about how great the fishing is, and how scenic the country is. South Africa is a deceitfully large country, and my knowledge is barely scratching the surface of what the country offers.

KwaZulu-Natal is South Africa’s easternmost province and is world-renowned for its beauty and diversity. While at lower altitudes, the weather is quite tropical. Up in the temperate mountains is home to many of the best trout streams South Africa has to offer.

7) Acadia National Park (Maine)

When writing this list, I had it full with spectacular places on the west, but the east coast is also full of pretty spaces and scenery is more than rugged peaks and ice fields. Acadia National Park seems to have it all, from lush forests, and glacier rounded granite peaks. It is also blessed with some excellent fishing for native brook trout.

The next problem was trying to decide between Kejimkujik National park in Nova Socita or Acadia in Maine. Overall, I feel Acadia has more to offer so it made the list. Although, if you are after solitude, Kejimkujik could be more deserving of the spot.

6) Italy, Dolomites (South Tyrol)

Mountains, Lake and River, South Tyrol, Italy

Most people visit Italy for the history and the food. But, once away from the bustling streets of Rome and the tourist trap of Florence Italy has some truly breathtaking nature. Sorry Switzerland, I personally feel the Italian dolomites have some of the most stunning scenery in Europe.

The dolomites mountains extend from the European Alps, they are mostly located in the South Tyrol province. From the towering peaks to the quaint hamlets dotted along the lush valleys, there are views to take the breath away around every corner. Best of all, other than travelers from Germany or Austria, the entire region seems to have escaped the attention of most international travelers.

How is the fishing?, well there are six species of trout and char that can be targeted in the rivers, streams, and lakes of the Dolomites. The most exciting of which for most anglers will have to be the Marble trout which can grow to impressive sizes.

5)Northern Artic Basin, (Mongolia)

It is hard for photos to do justice to the vastness of Mongolia

It might be the cold winds off Siberia, but there is something about the harsh, barren Mongolian steeps that really takes the breath away. The vistas are endless, and the scenery is spectacular.

The Northern Artic Basin, Mongolia, or the watershed of the Selenge river is home to some of the largest trout-like fish around, from monstrous Taimen, even larger than king salmon, to ancient lenoks there is something there for everyone.

4) Kenai Peninsula, (Alaska)

Fishermen are spoiled for choice in the Kenai Peninsula, with countless rivers and lakes to explore there is something for everyone. The peninsula is also home to some of Alaska’s most breathtaking scenery, from glacier-encrusted mountains to pristine snow-fed rivers.

There are also some of the most iconic rainbow trout and steelhead fishing in the numerous iconic rivers situated throughout the peninsula. For example, it is home to the famed Russian river,

3) Patagonia (Chilie/Argentina)

Patagonia is a land of wild beauty

No list of scenic trout fishing destinations will be complete without a mention of Patagonia. In many ways, Patagonia has it all from towering, glacier clad mountains, long empty surf beaches, and plenty of rivers and lakes that are full of trout.

The entire area is an outdoorsman’s dream. In some ways, I could have narrowed down this area even further to just Tierra del Fuego, but the entire Patagonia area is certainly worth a visit.

Some of the most iconic trout fishing locations within Patagonia such as the Jurassic lake and the Rio Grande, Rio Irigoyen, and the Rio Gallegos.

2) South Island, (New Zealand)

From lush rainforest to mountains, the South Island has it all.

No list of spectacular trout fishing destinations will be complete without New Zealand. The island nation in the South Pacific is not only home to some of the biggest trout ever caught, but also some of the most breathtaking and diverse scenery. Some people call it a trout fishing paradise.

The South Island of New Zealand simply has a lot of diverse scenery, in a very compact area. In a little over an hour, it is possible to drive from lush primordial rainforest, through rugged mountain ranges, to dry tussock grasslands. Drive for a couple more hours and you can be at the coast.

. Each landscape is just as spectacular as the last, and each change of scenery brings along with it new angling experiences. From large sea run brown trout in the estuary to trophy browns and rainbows in pristine mountain streams.

1) Rocky Mountains

The landscapes of the rocky mountains are enough to take your breath away.

There is simply so much spectacular scenery, and fishing within the rocky mountains that I found it impossible to select just one park or area when so many are deserving. I also could not select them all, I did not want this to be a guide just on the rocks.

So I decided on the next best thing, just to include the entire mountain range and all the parks within. From Yellowstone to the Teton Ranges, or across to Glacier National park in Montana, or down to Rocky Mountain national park in Colorado there is nearly endless quality fishing surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet.

Can even head further North, to Waterton, or Jasper and Banff. Such striking country with equally impressive fishing.

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