10 of the most visually stunning trout fishing locations

Trout fishing is great for the challenge and excitement it offers. It is made better still because trout often choose to live in some of the most picturesque locations on this planet. This article is my opinion of the 10 most visually stunning locations that offers equally impressive trout fishing. 10) Scottish Highlands When thinking … Read more

Do trout remember being caught?

I am releasing a trout, I often wonder do they remember getting caught.

A question fishermen often ask ourselves is, do trout remember getting caught? Will, this is quite a hard question to answer. I think it is probable that trout do remember getting caught, but they only lack the intelligence to prevent it from happening again. I have many stories, of catching the same trout multiple times. … Read more

Trout fishing differences between freestone, braided and spring-fed rivers?

Trout fishermen have different names for different types of water, so how do freestone rivers, spring creeks and tailwaters differ? Can some rivers fall into multiple categories? Some basic definitions Creek, Stream, Brook, Kill, Burn There is really no difference between a creek, stream or brook when it comes to trout fishing characteristics. I consider … Read more

Where exactly are brown trout native?

When many people think of brown trout, we assume they are native to Europe. While this is true, the species has naturally dispersed over a much greater area than just Europe. Isolated populations also exist in North-West Africa, Central Asia, and Iceland. Iceland straddles the North American and Eurasian plates. One easy way to define … Read more

Handling trout with gloves, trying to separate the fact from fiction.

The use of gloves when handling trout is very controversial. Like many fishermen I have seen photos and videos of badly injured trout with visible ‘burn’ or ‘fungal’ marks in the exact position a person holds a trout. I have also seen wild trout with palm size fungal marks sulking in rivers. Was that the … Read more