Unique trout lures from Scandinavia which are proven trout catchers

When most of us think of Scandinavian lures we will think of the excellent jerk baits from Rapala, or maybe Abu Garcia. But the Nordic countries have a thriving tackle industry with many home-grown brands and some of the most peculiar trout lures I have seen.

Kuusamo Taimen Super

This lure combines the vibration of an inline spinner with the wooble and flutter of a spoon. The Taimen Super was specifically designed to catch sea trout, but it looks like a killer design will any large water fishery. At 17g it weighs slightly over half an ounce. A bit large for stream fishing, but I certainly plan on bouncing it across the bottom of deep river pools. Maybe even some spring trolling behind the kayak. I do not believe it is available to purchase retail outside of Europe, but I have seen it advertised for sale on Lureshop.eu which offers affordable international shipping.

Hansen Stripper SD

I have never seen a Spoon resembling the SD spoon. Its blunt nose, almost looks primitive. But the design must be doing something right, this trout lure is popular throughout Northern Europe.

On the retreuve the Hansen Strippers swings through the water with a lifelike wobble. All the time vibrating and shaking which can drive trout crazy. On the stop, it rotates almost 360 degrees often causing following trout to strike. A popular choice in steams, rivers and lakes throughout Northern Europe.

Check outs its action in the video below

Line Thru Lures

I can not remember the last time I fished with a line thru lure. Most tackle shops are unlikely to carry any in stock. Suppose I could find a Devon Minnow in my grandfathers tacklebox, and Australians still fish with Tasmanian Devils… But Line thru lures is largely ignored in the New World.

What if I were to tell you, that line thru lures are surging in popularity in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. Why you might ask, well trout have a tendency to use the weight of long thin lures and flick the hook out during the cast. Danes, just happen to cast a lot of skinny long lures to sea trout. These lures, usually called seekers are ideal for long distance casting.

Wait, there is more. Because the line runs through the lure, the spinning action does not twist the line. This results in greatly reduced line twist and the resulting tangles and knots.

Finally, even when the retrieve is paused. The momentum in the lure allows the spin to continue, a perfect way to trigger following trout to strike.

Savage Gear Line Thru Seeker and Seaeel

This line thru lure resembles a bait fish, the finish is actually very good. The action is a short vibration, it does not have much of a wobble but the sea trout do not seem to mind. These lures are designed for maximum casting distance.

If you are keen to try, the line thru Sandeel is available from Amazon.

Check out the lure action in the video below

Another variation is the Westin D360 , its swims with a much wider wobble. When all you care about is distance, these lures certainly provides some alternative action to what is offered by the kastmaster.

In this article, I have discussed some of the most unique lures found throughout the Scandinavian countries. I am certainly keen to order a selection and give them a try next time I am targeting trout living in big water. When spinning for trout, I believe it is always too easy to resort to using a few old favorites. While sometimes, the best lure is one the trout has never seen before.

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