Best replacement hooks for trout spinners

When to replace hooks

Replace hooks when they show signs of corrosion, are bent or showing signs of stress.

What single hooks should I use when replacing trebles?

I replace treble hooks with inline singles, usually of a much larger size but similar mass. Inline single hooks work well because the eye is on the same plane as the hook. So when attached to the lure, they ride directly along the length of the lure.

I personally like inline singles from VMC, Musad and Owner.

When replacing hooks, it is important not to use hooks which are too big or too small for your lure. If the hook is too large, it can reduce the hook up weight, but also dull the action of the lure. Some finally balanced floating lures might even start to sink.

Too small hooks have similar issues, with reduced hook up rates.

In the charts below, I will indicate which size hooks to use on Jerkbaits, Inline Spinners and Spoons.

What size replacement hook for inline spinners and Spoons?

The most common size of treble hooks use on trout spinners and spoons are #4 and #6. These can be replaced with #2 or #1 single hooks. I gave more size options in the chart below.

Treble hook SizeSinge hook size

What size replacement hook for Jerkbaits?

Selecting the correct size hook for your jerkbait is important if you wish to maintain its action. In the chart below, I have listed the most common hook sizes use on jerkbaits and appropriate size singles to replace them with.

Jerkbait Length
Replacement hook size
Replacement hook

104 or 2

72 or 1

How to replace hooks on Mepps or Panther Martin Spinners?

Many inline spinners have the hook attached directly to the wire of the hook. As far as I know the only option is to use a pair of pliers to cut through the wire of the hook. Then replace thread on a small split ring, followed by the replacement hook.

Are treble hooks better than single?

This is a very controversial topic, both treble hooks and single hooks have a role in fishing. I use and fish with both. As a general rule, I fish with the type of hook a lure comes with. Changing to single hooks can actually change the action of lightweight jerk baits quite significantly.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet, that treble hooks cause more moraltiy in released trout than singles. This is not always the case, and on some lure designs single hooks are more deadly.

With regards to hookup percentage, there is not much of a difference but treble hooks do hook more fish. There is simply more points to capture the fish.

How strong are hooks and how to stop them from breaking?

Modern hooks are very strong. I rarely have any issues with hooks breaking or bending while fighting fish. Even the cheap, mass produced trebles seem to be strong enough to withstand the strain of a running trout.

I suspect most failures occur when people are fishing very heavy line, and wrenching trout in rather than fighting. But, when you use appropriate drag, which is typically less than two pounds when trout fishing, the chance of hook failure is miniscule.

Another time, where hooks might fail is when trying to free a snag. But in my experience, the line, or knot always snaps first. Modern hooks, are actually very strong.

Now there is a couple of situations where you might want to replace a hook. That is when there is visible corrosion, or after a prolong fight. Both of these, have the potential to weaken the hook. If a hook is even slightly bent out of sharp, replace it, do not just bend it back into position.

How to sharpen hooks

I never really other to sharpen hooks. By the time they are blunt enough to need sharpening, I am probably looking at replacing the hook anyway.

But some fishermen, carry a small file with them. So they can quickly sharpen the points.

Does hook color matter

Hooks comes in a range of colors. Mostly black, silver, bronze or red. In my experience, hook color does not matter at all. Although, some people do claim that red hooks resemble blood trailing behind a ‘wounded’ lure.

Should I replace treble hooks with singles

If the regulations only permits single hooks, then certainly replace any treble with a comparable single hooks.

But in fisheries, which allow treble hooks I will be tempted to keep them. But, there are some exceptions.

When regulations permit, I always keep treble hooks on my jerkbaits and rapala style lures. Although, I do flatten the barbs to make releasing the trout easier.

When fishing inline spinners and spoons, I usually replace treble hooks with single hooks. That is because trout often try to swallow smaller spinners and spoons, and a treble hook in the gills is nearly always fatal.

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