Shimano Sienna vs FX

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  1. Avete pesato voi direttamente i due mulinelli? Perché sulla scatola del Sienna c’è scritto che pesa 225 grammi (8 once e non 7,2)

  2. did you weigh the two reels? on the box of the shimano sienne fg 1000 the weight of 225 grams (about 8 ounces) is indicated

    1. Thanks for the question.

      Interesting, My Sienna FG 1000 box says 7.2oz / 205g. It is currently full of line so I can not weigh it accurately.

      I just checked Shimano Italy, and I the official weight of the Sienna 500 and 1000 sold in the .eu is different from the official weight in North America, Asia, and Oceania.

      The Schematics look identical.

      I am going to have to research this further.

  3. are the 2 spools interchangeable?
    i had the sienna, which broke, and im thinking about buying the shimano fx, and using the spool from the sienna as a spare spool

    1. Yes, while I do not have a FX currently with me to test in person. I know that internally, including the main shaft and associated assembly, and drag assembly are identical (same part numbers even). The spools will fit just fine between both reels.

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