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  1. I have caught a brown trout rainbow cross at the headwaters of herring creek reservoir in California’s sierra Nevada mountains. Since there is no stocking of this extremely rare cross breed, the only conclusion is that it was derived naturally. I caught it on a caddis pupa I scraped off a rock with a very small hook and no weight. The water is crystal clear and the fish are very weary. The fish had all the markings of a brown trout. Yellow body, brown trout speckle pattern, with the brightest red stripe across it’s body and a bright red patch on its jaw. I released the 15″ fish because I could not kill something so rare and beautiful.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Always interesting to hear about the possibility of wildly occurring hybrids. This will be an extraordinarily rare occurrence if it is a naturally occurring brownbow. Did you manage to get any photos?

      Another possibility is that it is a rainbow with atypical color. Either way, still a very interesting report.

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