Essential Tackle and Gear for Trout Fishing?

This short article just explains the most essential items to take trout fishing.

Essential Gear Required To Catch trout

Light weight rod, reel, line

Well, these three pieces of tackle are all but essential.

When fly fishing you probably want to start with a 5wt Flyrod and associated fly line and reel.

When Spinning and bait fishing, then get an ultralight rod and reel, and spool it with 4lb or 6lb monofilament.

Fishing license

Nearly everywhere in North America, Europe and Oceania require a license to legally catch trout. A valid trout license is essential.

Bait/Spinners/Flies (and associated hooks)

To catch a trout you need to present something to it that looks like food.

Tapered Leader / Tippet (if fly fishing)

When fly fishing, you need to attach a tapered leader onto the end of the fly rod. Then to the end of the leader tie on a tippet. The main reason for the leader/tippet is to prevent the trout from being spooked by the fly line.

Very Helpful

Polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses make trout fishing so much easier, plus they help protect your eyes from reflected UV light. If you are fly fishing, sunglasses are essential because sooner a fly will hit your face.

Polarized sunglasses assist in seeing into the water, they help you spot trout and identify changes in the river or lake floor.

Wide bream hat (especially if fly fishing)

Helps protect the head from the sun, adds in sight fishing, and provides protection against wayward flies and spinners.

Insect repellent, sunscreen (In some places they are essential)

The better the trout fishing, the worst the more bitey the insects.

Biting insects love trout fishermen because we often have to stay very still while stalking a trout.

Forceps, or pliers to remove hooks

These are great at quickly removing hooks.

Rubber mesh Landing net

A simple landing net makes landing trout much faster, it is also more gentle on the fish than pulling them up onto the bank.

Scissors, or nail clippers to save your teeth.

It is possible to cut nylon with your teeth, but using scissors or nail clippers is not only tidier but much faster.

Bobbers, Indicators, Split shot, weights other assorted tackle

Bobber and indicators are floats, that can asists in identifying strikes and keeping your bait/fly off the bottom.

Useful, but not essential

Fishing vest, slings and packs:

These all assist in organizing and storing tackle. They do come in handy especially once you start carrying a lot of gear while fishing.


Waders keep your legs dry, they are very useful in cold rivers and for winter fishing wading. In saying that, it is generally possible to wade without waders from May/June depending on runoff. In some warmer climates, I even wet wade in March.

They are not cheap but check this link for my favorite waders.

Fast-drying clothing (Nylon is best).

You can go trout fishing in almost any clothing, but some is more suitable than others. When wading over the warmer months I am a big fan of quick drying clothing.

Wading boots:

These are just special boots that grip better when wading, they also dry quickly. It is still possible to wade and fish without them, just requires a little more care.

Floatant if fly fishing

(Helps dry flies float)

Not really needed

Priest, club

Can be used to quickly kill a trout. (Sticks and rocks also work) When desperate gut a trout with just scissors.


Water temperature is a good guide to tell how active trout out.

Fish sieve:

Some people use them to identify insect life in the water

Wading stick:

A walking stick to assist in river crossings.

Ruler / Scales:

We all want to know just how big out catch is. So carrying a ruler / scale provides an exact figure. In no way essential, but we all want to know.

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