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  1. I’m a Simms guy … and I’m not sure why. I don’t think I’m hard on waders. I wade 80 to 120 days a year. I wet wade basically May through September, as long as the water is over 60 degrees first thing in the morning.

    I have experienced small seam leaks in a three year old pair of G4Zs twice. Both in the crotch in the front, just enough to be annoying, not in a place where it appears friction is an issue. Had the same problem with G3s. They’re now my back up when I have to send the G4Zs in. That’s actually why I bought the G4Zs. I needed something when the G3s started leaking. I understand they now use Gore-Tex for the G3s. My pair is not. I’ve not ever punctured either or had any problem that wasn’t seam related.

    Thanks for the review and your thoughts!!

    1. Hi, George. Thanks for your comment.

      If there is one thing for sure about waders is that the seams are going to leak sooner or later. One way which I have learned to prolong the life of waders is to paint all the inside seams with a generous coating of thinned down Aquaseal (Use Toluene or Cotol for the thinning agent). You want the consistency to be thin enough to be applied by brush. Doing this can get another season or two out of a pair of waders. It can look a bit ugly and might eventually crack but it is usually worth the effort.


      I just checked my notes, and a 50/50 mix of Aquaseal and Cotol 240 typically achevies the correct consistency.

      Before starting the repair, clean the area with Cotol to remove any body oil/sweat.

      Time consuming but paint on 4-5 very thin layers. Multiple thin layers work better than one thick layer. Allow about half an hour between layers for drying.

      Some people even glue on a new wider section of seam tape with good results. I personally have not tried that method.

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