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  1. One more for consideration is playing music, especially on lakes.

    Tom Rosenbauer has a nice YouTube video on stream etiquette.

    I fish a very popular lake especially in May when the Chironomids are active. One thing that used to bother me a lot what is the chitchat between other float tubers especially when they would be talking with me in between them. The solution I arrived at may seem obvious to s those less introvert than me – it took me some time to figure it out: get to know the other fisherman. It occurred to me that if a friend was talking to me or for that matter fishing close to me it would not bother me. So now I make a point to say hello to the other fisherman as we are stringing up in the parking lot . It’s made the day a lot less stressful for me.

    1. Yes, that is a good one. Music can be extremely obnoxious on lakes, not because it scares the fish, but because it ruins the ambiance.

      Also, a good point that it gets less bothering once you get to know the other fishermen. That is a better solution than my idea which is noise canceling headphones.

  2. People who make a list do not go to 10. 10 Fly fisherman.. Dressing the same and acting like any other way to fish is un-pure. F*** these clowns. I truly enjoy when they strip out line and thrash thier lines making ungodly noise and call a bobber a float indicator. Go straight to hell you purest sob’s

    1. Good point. That one nearly did make the list. Purist fly fishermen can be rather arrogant at times. Fly fishing does seem to attract a certain type of person.

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