Single Hooks vs. Treble Hooks: Barb vs. Barbless – A Comprehensive Analysis of the Evidence

Treble hook on a trout lure

Most of us care deeply about the trout we catch and the continued health of the fishery. When releasing trout, we want them to survive, thrive, and reproduce. A trout that dies shortly after release, is the worst possible outcome. Over the years, there has been a lot of controversies over which hook type damages … Read more

Best trout rod and reel for children (what to get, and what to avoid)

Are you Looking for a trout and pan-fish spinning rod and reel combo? An affordable setup suitable for children. Decent quality and durable enough to survive the rough treatment of children. Most rod and reel combos targeted at children resemble toys more than fishing equipment. Many are nearly impossible to cast yet along catch anything … Read more