6 Pheasant Tail Nymph Variations (The Ultimate Trout Fly?)

Pheasant tails are some of the most fished nymphs for trout. Initially designed to imitate mayfly nymphs of the baetis family it quickly become apparent that trout mistook them for a wide range of mayfly, caddis, and other aquatic species. Choosing which pheasant tail nymph (PTN) to fish can be difficult, simply because there are dozens if not hundreds of variations of pheasant tail nymphs. So, which … Read more

Is It Worth Bringing a Fly Rod to Jeju Island?

This website normally covers trout fishing, but in some places like Jeju Island, there is no trout, making saltwater flyfishing the best alternative. Jeju is a volcanic island located around 100km (60 miles) south of the Korean Peninsula. Jeju is a popular vacationing destination, which combines Korean culture with a more relaxing island lifestyle. A … Read more

How Willow Trees Help Trout Streams

I want to pay some respect to the willow tree and how their presence can really benefit the health of trout streams. While there are 400 species of willows, for the most part, I will be referring to the common crack willow. An invasive hybridize species, native to Europe and Asia but which has been … Read more