Catch more trout, and get free tackle by swimming trout streams

When looking across a trout stream or river, you might glimpse a trout or two feeding in the shallows or the occasional raise out wide. What we experience from the surface is only a tiny fraction of the fish life underwater. There are deep pools I blindly fish. I float dries and nymphs along the … Read more

Simm G4 vs Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition Waders: A Comprehensive Comparison

The Simm G4 and the Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition are two of the best premium waders on the market today. Fishermen often have strong preferences towards either brand, and that is what they will wear. But for anyone on the fence it can be tough choosing between the options. I have used both sets of waders … Read more

Why is fly fishing so expensive?

Many people see fly fishing as an elitist sport, popularized by the British nobility who drive their latest model land-rovers to their private chalk streams. This extravagant cost is far from reality even in England and certainly not in America. The belief fly fishing is expensive is a common misconception. While it is certainly possible … Read more