Can you catch fish on rusty hooks?

New vs rusty fishing hook

Let’s discuss hooks, sharpness, and rust. When is the right time to replace a rusty hook, or give it a shapen? I know some fishermen who will only fish razor sharp, pristine hooks. Some even ‘sharpen’ the hooks between fish to make sure the hook is perfectly sharp. On the other hand, there are fishermen … Read more

Handling trout with gloves, trying to separate the fact from fiction.

The use of gloves when handling trout is very controversial. Like many fishermen I have seen photos and videos of badly injured trout with visible ‘burn’ or ‘fungal’ marks in the exact position a person holds a trout. I have also seen wild trout with palm size fungal marks sulking in rivers. Was that the … Read more

Trout fishing on a budget

With inflation in the United States surging over 8%, and over 6% in most of the western world money is becoming increasingly tight in many households. This basically means less money to spend on a discretionary product, and for many of us, that includes fishing tackle. In this article, I am going to discuss areas … Read more