Penn Battle III vs Daiwa BG

Comparing the Penn Battle III against the Daiwa BG. Best ultralight trout reel

Welcome to my review comparing two of the best metal body spinning reels that are available in sizes suitable for trout and steelhead. In this review, for the most part, I will be comparing the smallest sizes, these being the Penn Battle III 1000 and the Daiwa BG BG1500. While the emphasis, is on the … Read more

Does the color of fish hooks matter?

Take a glance at the hook section of any fishing store and it quickly becomes apparent that fishing hooks are sold in many different colors. Some examples include black, silver, gold, red, and bronze, I have even seen fancy dual-color hooks and various exotic shades. So hooks come in many colors. Does it matter? Do … Read more

How practical are E-Bikes at replacing a 4WD for accessing fishing spots?

How good is an e-bike for accessing fishing spots

I recently had to decide between buying a new 4wd vehicle, or just a more basic hatchback. When I looked at things from a more sensible perspective, I only really need 4wd ability to access a handful of remote fishing locations, and maybe the occasional hiking trailhead or skifield. Realistically, 99% of my driving is … Read more

Spinners vs Spoons – Which metal lure catches the most trout?

A large trout caught on a spoon, but are they better than spinners?

Spoons and spinners must be among the most popular hard body trout lures, and the reason is simple. They catch trout and they catch them consistently. I always consider it a good idea to have both types of lures when fishing because a trout’s preference can easily change hour from to hour, day to day. … Read more

Does Penn make any good trout reels? (Saltwater reels in the fresh)

Penn is one of the biggest names in offshore reels, they built their reputation on classics like the Senator, International, and the Spinfisher. These are all heavy duty reels designed for catching powerful fighting fish in the salt. So whether you are a Penn loyalist, or just want to try something a little different, what … Read more