Estuary fishing for New Zealand’s forgotten trophy trout

When fishermen fly to New Zealand, most of them head in one direction. Towards the mountains and the backcountry fisheries. There they will spend countless hours fishing in pristine mountain valleys, sight fishing to respectable size brown and rainbow trout. This high-country fishing is what made New Zealand famous, and it still holds a close … Read more

The 11 Best Trout Rivers in the South Island, New Zealand

Pelorus RIver, Marlborough and excellent New Zealand trout river

New Zealand has over 70 major river systems, and countless more streams and tributaries. The majority of which hold trout. Finding the best rivers to fish can take a considerable amount of time. Something not always available for visiting anglers. In this guide, I will discuss 11 of the rivers in New Zealand which offer … Read more

Where to find Brook Trout in New Zealand

Brook trout, Brook Char or Salvelinus fontinalis are native to the Eastern United States, from the Appalachian Mountains all the way north to the Hudson Bay basin in Canada. Brook trout were first brought to New Zealand in the 1877, and the acclimatisation societies released them widely across the country. Most of the liberated fish … Read more

New Zealand’s Best Hidden Trout lakes

Enjoy some of New Zealand’s best underrated trout fishing in Tarnsdale, Ashburton Lakes and Lake Moeraki. These lakes offer great fishing and breath taking vistas. New Zealand is world famous for its trout fishing. Most trout anglers come to fish the rivers. In doing so, they are missing out on some spectacular lake fisheries. Below, … Read more