Is it safe to fish during a thunderstorm?

Stay safe and stay smart! Never venture out onto the water during a thunderstorm. Lightning is unforgiving and typically heads towards the highest point around – which could be you with your fishing rod! Don’t become another statistic; don’t risk your life. Every year fishermen die from lightning strikes, and more are injured, it is … Read more

How to kill a trout?

Sometimes fishermen just want to take some trout home for the table. When I keep a trout, I make sure to kill it as quickly and humanely as possible. There is no advantage to letting it suffer. This guide explains the quickest and most humane ways to kill a trout. Ways to kill a trout … Read more

10 Tips for Fishing Spring Creeks

Trout fishing and spring creeks seem to be a match made in heaven. Many of the most iconic trout fisheries are spring-fed, from the traditional chalk Streams in the English countryside to the picturesque streams flowing through Yellowstone spring creeks can be found almost anywhere in the world. While spring creeks and trout fishing might … Read more

The 11 Best Trout Rivers in the South Island, New Zealand

Pelorus RIver, Marlborough and excellent New Zealand trout river

New Zealand has over 70 major river systems, and countless more streams and tributaries. The majority of which hold trout. Finding the best rivers to fish can take a considerable amount of time. Something not always available for visiting anglers. In this guide, I will discuss 11 of the rivers in New Zealand which offer … Read more

The best and worst fishing dogs

Dogs are great companions. Nothing seems nicer than going for a fish with your best mate. Problem is, dogs often have a different idea of a good time. Dogs like to keep moving, keep exploring and in many cases they seek out small animals to chase. Unless you are fishing fast, fishing seems like waiting. … Read more