Which trout fights the hardest?

Brown trout can fight hard

After hooking a trout, the fight is on. A commonly asked question is which type of trout fights the best?, well, all trout species are capable fighters, but fight differently. Rainbow trout dazzle with their explosive runs and acrobatic leaps, while browns exhibit a composed and strategic approach, gravitating towards structures in an attempt to … Read more

Best trout Spinners and Lures for catch and release fishing

Selection of in-line spinners

Catch and release is an important conservation tool to protect the quality of our wild fisheries. If all anglers, were to keep all that they catch the quality of some fisheries will quickly collapse. Rainbow trout streams are especially vulnerable to overfishing. Below, I share my opinion on what I consider are the best spinners, … Read more

Catch more trout, and get free tackle by swimming trout streams

When looking across a trout stream or river, you might glimpse a trout or two feeding in the shallows or the occasional raise out wide. What we experience from the surface is only a tiny fraction of the fish life underwater. There are deep pools I blindly fish. I float dries and nymphs along the … Read more

Where and how to catch trout in Georgia (Includes 17 excellent fishing locations)

Fly fishing for trout in Georgia

Georgian trout streams are flued by streams that flow from the high slopes of the Appalachian mountains. Georgia offers trout fishermen approximately 5,400 miles of streams, 2800 miles of which support self-reproducing populations of wild trout. There is also a multitude of ponds and lakes that see frequent stockings, perfect for anyone who is new … Read more