“Shimano Sienna FG vs Shimano FX FC: Budget Spinning Reels Comparison”

Shimano Sienna vs FX

Comparing Shimano’s budget spinning reels I’ll get straight to the point: the Shimano Sienna FG and the FX FC are essentially the same reel, just dressed in different clothing. Most of their parts are interchangeable, and in terms of performance, there is little that sets them apart. The only notable difference is one extra ball … Read more

Shimano FX vs Daiwa Crossfire – Sub $30 Ultralight spinning reel comparison.

Looking for a budget friendly ultralight spinning reel. A reel that is suitable for catching trout and other panfish. In this comparison I am going to compare two of the best selling small reels for under $30. At this price point, all reels are mass produced with limited quality control. They are made on very … Read more

Best trout rod and reel for children (what to get, and what to avoid)

Are you Looking for a trout and pan-fish spinning rod and reel combo? An affordable setup suitable for children. Decent quality and durable enough to survive the rough treatment of children. Most rod and reel combos targeted at children resemble toys more than fishing equipment. Many are nearly impossible to cast yet along catch anything … Read more