The Best Ultra Light Spinning Reels

Looking for a new ultralight spinning reel? A reel that is not only lightweight but durable with excellent line management. In this article, I hope to provide what I consider to be the best ultralight spinning reels. For more comprehensive reviews covering many of these reels check my main spinning reel buyers guide. What makes … Read more

2 Forgotten trout lures that deserve a second chance

Old trout fishing lures

This article was initially going to be about 7 forgotten trout lures that deserve a second chance. But while preparing for the article, I realized that many lures were forgotten for a good reason. They have simply been replaced by newer, more efficient designs or maybe they were never that great to begin with. Secondly, … Read more

Rapala Oringal Floating vs Rapala Xrap | Which is best?

Ever went into a fishing store, and looked at all the Rapala lures on display. Two of the most common models being the Original Floater and the Xrap. But, which lure is best and how do they compare to each other? While this article is primarily going to be focused on trout fishing, I have … Read more

How to catch trout in winter on Jerkbaits?

Brown trout eating jerk bait

Winter is one of my favorite times of year to target trout on jerkbaits. The reason why jerkbaits are my lure of choice over the colder months is that their realistic appearance allows for extremely slow retrieves, which give lethargic trout plenty of time to inspect before striking. The basics are simple, cast the Jerkbait … Read more

Top Seven Trout Lures for Trolling – Timeless Quality

Wearing gloves while trout fishing

Below are the seven trout lures that I consider to be must have when trolling for trout. They are all proven fish catchers. These are the lures that have brought me my most consistent success in catching trout. Like the title says, they represent timeless quality. First some background, I mostly troll in shallow or … Read more