Crack the Code: Picking the Perfect Jerkbait Color for Trout Fishing

When deciding which color jerkbait I am going to fish I have a few guidelines I follow. The most simple rule, when the water is clear I fish natural patterns. When the water is murky or dirty, I fish highly contrasting and vivid patterns. Selecting the correct color jerkbait or minnow lure can mean the … Read more

10 of the best spoons for trout fishing

How to catch trout with spoons Spoons are among the oldest spinning lures still readily available, but they live in the shadows of flashy inline-spinners and lifelike jerkbaits such as the Rapala’s. Spoons, in my opinion, are underrated, and many of us should fish them more. Spoons have some significant advantages over other lure designs. … Read more

Unique trout lures from Scandinavia which are proven trout catchers

European trout lures

When most of us think of Scandinavian lures we will think of the excellent jerk baits from Rapala, or maybe Abu Garcia. But the Nordic countries have a thriving tackle industry with many home-grown brands and some of the most peculiar trout lures I have seen. Kuusamo Taimen Super This lure combines the vibration of … Read more

Best trout Spinners and Lures for catch and release fishing

Selection of in-line spinners

Catch and release is an important conservation tool to protect the quality of our wild fisheries. If all anglers, were to keep all that they catch the quality of some fisheries will quickly collapse. Rainbow trout streams are especially vulnerable to overfishing. Below, I share my opinion on what I consider are the best spinners, … Read more