How to get sponsored for trout fishing

To get sponsorship as a trout fisherman. Requires a high profile in the local community, and skilled at both fishing and self-promotion. Increase your profile Industry representatives have approached me several times. They were offering sponsorship for using and promoting their products. These companies approached me because I had a large online profile. I was … Read more

Why is fly fishing so expensive?

Many people see fly fishing as an elitist sport, popularized by the British nobility who drive their latest model land-rovers to their private chalk streams. This extravagant cost is far from reality even in England and certainly not in America. The belief fly fishing is expensive is a common misconception. While it is certainly possible … Read more

How to stop sandflies from biting when fishing

There seems to be a close relationship between the quality of trout fishing and the number of blood-sucking insects. The more scenic the river, the greater the swarms which zone in on bare skin. The New Zealand sandfly might just be the countries best kept secret. They live in large numbers in nearly all prime … Read more

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Best trout rod and reel for children (what to get, and what to avoid)

Are you Looking for a trout and pan-fish spinning rod and reel combo? An affordable setup suitable for children. Decent quality and durable enough to survive the rough treatment of children. Most rod and reel combos targeted at children resemble toys more than fishing equipment. Many are nearly impossible to cast yet along catch anything … Read more