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  1. This is a blatant lie lol! 5 pack of leaders for 8 bucks? Let me know where you find a half decent fly reel for 30$. I don’t know why fly fishermen feel the need to “justify” that its not that expensive. IF BARE MINIMUM is $200 for absolute garbage equipment when $200 in spinning tackle rod reel etc… will have you set for practically life you can’t justify that those are even close to the same thing. I love fly fishing but I am not going to act like it isn’t easily 4-5x more expensive then spinning reel fishing.

    1. It might not make sense, but durability wise there is very little difference between the extremely cheap Chinese branded gear (Maxcatch on Amazon) and the expensive premium products.

      Cheap fly rods are probably more durable than expensive ones because they use more glass in the blank and they do not have to feel feather light. Fly reels don,t do much when trout fishing (they hold the linen). Unless dropped onto rocks very little can go wrong with flyreels. Fly lines cost dollars to manaufacuter, the margin on them is massive.

      So it is possible to get an adequate quality flyfishing kit for around $200. Even Orvis is now marketing a rod, reel, and fly line kit for under that.

      Let’s compare a spinning reel and a fly reel. The fly reel has maybe three or four moving parts (very little to go wrong), the spinning reel has about 30 (a lot can go wrong).

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