Does the moon influence trout fishing?

The moon’s influence on trout fishing often gets brought up in conversations between fishermen. Trout fishermen are no exception, although they are less concerned about it than sea fishermen. The influence of the moon on trout fishing can be observed in three primary ways. Firstly, the amount of light during nighttime can impact the behavior … Read more

Best value waterproof phone for fishing

Every since damaging my last feature phone on a canoe trip, I have been a big advocate for waterproof phones. The peace of mind, and increased ease of use while fishing them a worthwhile investment. When buying a waterproof smartphone I advise getting one with IPx6 or better rating. These phones are certified to survive … Read more

How to catch holdover trout in a stocked fishery

Catching holdover trout in a stock pond or lake can be challenging. They have had time to acclimatize to the local conditions. At the start of the new season, the biggest trout are often holdovers. But, the recently stocked trout normally greatly outnumber them and are more aggressive feeders than the resident fish. They always … Read more